selamat datang.terimakasih.jumpa lagi

Saturday, December 17, 2011

dinner bersama. yeayyy !

location : Pizza Hut Tmn Perling JB
with : heppy family. rawrr !
function : dinner + lapaa
lagi? : ehh, sebuk la nak tau. 


Family ...

yuummy ! semua tgh lapa. *kiokkiokk bunyi perut*

mmg banyak cheese, erkk.. not bad la.

adik punya. tp setotett je dia makan. ishhh, ngengade.

yang kuat makan ...

haaa... berisi siket bila da kenyang. HAHA *big laught -_____-*

yang menaja dinner kami hari ini.
terima kasih bebanyak :)

*okay, bole tido skrg, Gud Nite ebelibadiiisss*
off: 12.26 a.m

Thursday, December 15, 2011

blamed on me

we have so many mask we put on everyday,
that we realize we no longer know
which one is real...
- Happy December -

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

happy bestfriends day for uuoollsss !!

This is our memory ...

As I think of you, I remember how lucky I am
To have you and to cherish you as a friend.
Nobody can make me laugh like you can.
Make me joyful at the thought of them.
Every time I see your smile, I want to smile back.
And you will always be the friend of my dreams.
Let our love, comedy, and musical devotion carry on!

I love uoolllss, Upper 6 Delima 10/11 in memories.